Blackdog ARMS provides firearm owners training services and guidance
to meet all your needs. Serving both Virginia and North Carolina.

We train individuals with all levels of firearms experience. Whether you
are just beginning or a seasoned veteran our classes are designed to
meet your needs.  We also provide guidance for those wanting to
purchase a firearm to ensure they choose the firearm best suited for their
desired use.  We add different courses throughout the year to meet the
ever changing needs of our customers.

Our current course offerings:
  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • NRA First Steps Pistol
  • VIRGINIA Concealed Carry Handgun
  • NC Concealed Carry Handgun
  • UTAH Concealed Carry Handgun
  • Shooting in Realistic Environments - Tactical Pistol
  • Carbine Clinics for the AR-15
  • Shotgun Tactics
Who needs our training?

Anyone who needs proof of competence to apply for a concealed carry
permit, our NRA courses and North Carolina Concealed Carry Course are
recognized in Virginia and North Carolina for this purpose.
Individuals who enjoy the shooting sports and want to expand their
knowledge of firearm design and function so that they will be competent
with each one will benefit.  Most importantly those who are new to
firearms and are prepared to learn through training will benefit most
Even if you decide not to train with us please get
training somewhere.

Who takes our courses?

We have trained military personnel, police officers, private security
contractors and average everyday citizens who want to apply for a
concealed carry permit, expand their skill set with a firearm or refresh
their training.

Everyone who takes our training courses receive the attention and
instruction needed to enhance their skill set to the level required to
complete each course.

Students are encouraged to spend as much time at the range as needed
to familiarize themselves with the skills and techniques taught during the
courses. The range is maintained as a safe and comfortable environment.
Practice safe and practice often.

Please encourage every firearms owner you
know to train properly, they may have to use
their firearm to protect you someday.
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VA (434) 770-8219                              NC (336) 323-8678